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Stand4brand, portable trade show banner stands and graphic displays, when you need them.

4screen Banner Stand Case and Counter Base package Roll Up Classic 850 retractable banner stand
4 Screen Classic 850 Banner Stand
List Price: $128.00
Base Price: $128.00
Base + Option(s) Price: $85.99
You save $42.01!
Case and Counter base
Base Price: $666.88
Brochure Stand including travel bag Pop Up Magnetic 3 x 3 Straight with Spotlights, premium podium transport case and wood podium top. Roll Up Compact 850 retractable banner stand
Roll Up Professional 850 retractable banner stand Roll Up Professional Double 850 retractable banner stand
Who, What, When
Stand4brand, portable trade show banner stands and graphic displays, when you need them.

Why Expolinc Hardware? Expolinc is an American firm with Swedish heritage.

Designing, manufacturing and distributing portable display systems through a global network of dealers.

ISO 9001 certified, all Expolinc products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Proud track record of service and being a quality provider, resellers promote the Expolinc brand with confidence.

Success is powered by a consistent focus of core competency
Portable Display Systems, for use where ever people gather together - Opportunity on Display

A professional line of products
Products are designed from three stand-points
1) The graphic installer: Easy to work with
2) The User: Simplicity in set-up and
3) The viewer: Products allowing the end-users message to be delivered in the manner by which it was intended - Every time.

Each product offering has a brief description below:
Reading a quick review of highlight will give you a better understanding of the Expolinc products

Once the total quality of Expolinc has been experienced - the more you will appreciate your purchase.

Expolinc - Opportunities on Display -the only hardware we carry for a reason

Retractable banner stand line

There are some common design elements between our world class family of retractable banner stands

Our profiles (the graphic hanging bars) Are well thought out
Gel-caps ensure center is found on the back of the profile -
The angle of the profile on the front does not cast a shadow detracting from the graphic

The pole inserts into the profile itself, again as not to detract from the final presentation. No clumsy hardware visible at the top.

The available lights clip into the profile with a sleek Scandinavian design.
All Expolinc lighting comes with the security of UL listing.

There are locking and adhesive profiles available.
The substrate should not exceed 16 mil
10.5 to 13 mil if using the 4 part pole
For fabric graphics the locking profile is required. All Expolinc systems within this site are based on using the locking profiles. Standard profiles are available upon requested.

Roll-up Classic

To compare other retractable to our Classic is really unfair To the competition

The truth be told Expolinc owns the term Roll-up

This versatile segment of our line far exceeds our competitors offering while maintaining a price point that is unbelievable for the quality and total cost of ownership.

The system has our patented internal roller and graphics change design.

Available in widths including: 27, 33, 39, 45 and 57 inches for extreme impact with unbelievable ease.

Each size is available in aluminum finish while -
Both the 33 and 39 inch widths are also available in black.

The Classic Pole
(Three part bungeed) measures 76 inches for the classic 700 And 84 5/8 for the balance of the line.
Higher than most - More dependable
Additional presence is available by simply ordering the 4 part pole for a whapping 96 inch Height and don't forget about the versatility of your stand with a 2 part 57 inch height poles for Table top shows applications.

Our simplified method for installing graphics is a topic we never grow tired of hearing about Praise from the field counts for a lot.

The graphic itself becomes the leader edge Granted this means more substrate is required But this design feature both addresses and removes the single point failure present with many competitors units.

Each of the prices listed represents graphic ready hardware, ordering is easy, call if you have questions.

Changing graphics is very cost effective Providing messaging flexibility in the market place

On average 2 graphic changes occur per stand, Why not make it user friendly on the installer as well as the user?

Stable without those ugly supporting feet Movable once upright Discreet leveling feet are not visible to the viewer -

This product comes in a durable canvas carry bag -

Lights are also available for the line either 50 or 200 watt
Literally targeting a spot light on the message being delivered.

The Classic
What ready to use, ready to go, dependable banner stands should be
Often copied, never duplicated.

Roll-up Professional
The flag ship of the Expolinc retractable line I think it's the best retractable in the industry.

Very stylish while not over-powering
The important part of any system is the end-user's message.

Powder coated base, while the end caps are a composite made from aluminum and zinc. Providing additional strength to this often overlooked stress point.

The roller is the same as in the Classic Line. Patented and unmistakable -

Easy access into the stand for changing the graphic is as simple as
One, two, three

Push button releases makes the change so simple, even end users do it

The Professional is available in both single and double sided additions.

While many two-side systems have a huge foot print
The Expolinc Double is only 1inch wider than the single
Not because the single is too wide But, Expolinc's research and design, does it right or it's not done.

For the client needing to change graphics frequently and quickly This is unquestionably the product to make them smile Delivering the right message can make or break you

The standard bungeed 3-part pole holds up predictably at 84 5/8inch, the 4 part 96 inch, and a 2 part 57inch is also be available All have a tapered cap at the base adding additional elegance and function. Locking the pole in position.

Lights are also available for this system as well as with the Classic
50 or 200 Watt

Visible area - 33 x 84

The Professional
For those who demand excellence. A high-performance banner stand
The best of everything.

4 Screen

A spectacular banner system Multiple widths and heights
Light weight and very cost effective

For the right applications this system cannot be beat.

Profiles Both locking and standard are available Remember presenting the locking ensures success with any substrate. The profiles have the gel-cap to indicate center for placement of the support pole. Expolinc's sleek profile and structural systems are designed to compliment the graphic's message, not distract -

The pole
Is not telescopic on purpose controlling the graphic presentation and ensuring there will be no collapsing issues destroying the graphic panels.

We have weighted the base of the pole allowing for the greatest stability possible

The foot slips into the lower profile and is invisible from the front.
The depth (Front to back) of the stand is narrower, while the stability is greater than our competitors.

Expolinc 4Screens can be linked together to form large continuous walls of graphics
The linking kits gather 3 stands together

Backwalls at tradeshows or interior scapes are great applications for these linked applications.

Stylish 50w Lights are available Again our lights are UL Listed.

While rigid substrates have been used for more permanent uses
More pliable products such as canvas, vinyl, fabrics work best -

Available sizes - 21x58, 27x76
33, 39, 45, 57 x 84 inch In addition our 96 inch pole is also available .

The two wider systems
45 and 57inch widths two poles and feet are supplied as part of the package

The 4Screen - The main focus is on your message

Pole System

An Extremely flexible system

Way finding, retail, corporate communications, and human resource departments are just a few of the applications where the Expolinc Pole system finds a home.

The profiles are different from the balance on of our banner stands Still very understated, still of superior quality But a clamp lock actually snaps when closed

This allows the graphics to be replaced in the field with the greatest ease and also allows the graphic producer to send only the replacement graphics.

This system does come with the option of Travel or Basic
Retail or office applications might not have a need for the travel case

The Basic ships in a box while the Travel comes with the Case

The bag on the travel actually splits the interior compartment, protecting the graphic from damage during transport Expolinc is all about the details.

The feet on the pole fold out and click into locked position
No clumsy loosy goosy feet as many of our competitors

The octagon verses round shape of the Pole allows for two things
1. The height once locked stays in place
2. The graphic clips stay in place keeping the image square to the viewing side

The top clamp allows for two sided applications

The Pole extended to its full height is 96 inches -

The clip for the bottom profile Is spring loaded This represents an improvement once the product was released Graphic Tensioning
Ensures the best presentation of the material.
Continually working to improve in any way we can.

The kit comes with two clips allowing for two sided applications.

Lights are available for this line as well

On this product When ordering the base unit and the profiles must be ordered separately. Keep in mind the profiles are sold in sets of two (top and bottom) so order accordingly

Profile Sizes 21, 27, 33, 39 inches or 550, 700, 850, or 1000 mm

The Pole System Elevate your message

Brochure Stand

Self-contained No assembly required Grab and pull-up

Holds the materials during transport Zero set-up time

Thoughtful design in our cut-out fronts allowing for easy brochure access

See-thru high impact clear Polycarb [as used in Bulletproof windows].
Strong scratch resistant built Expolinc tough.

The aluminum is the same as used in manufacturing fighter jets
[As is the case with all our products]

Superior materials throughout produces superior finished products.

The base has a smooth logical area for customization with vinyl lettering or Graphics.

Choose between a padded fabric case, with a shoulder strap and a substantial carrying handle, or a hard case with wheels and an extend able handle.

Brochure Double

For Double Exposure The new introduction the Expolinc line has got the ticket.

This is achieved by using the same quality materials as our Brochure Stand and creating a system with zig-zag construction.

Doing it right Is the only way Expolinc does anything This system will allow the materials to be shipped in the stand Unique to this design.

This sleek design stands steady
A locking button secures the stand when upright

As with our Brochure Stand the Brochure Double is available with either a soft carry bag or hard transport case with wheels

The Expolinc brochure stands are a soft, elegant design built to deliver the same quality and durability expected from the Expolinc brand.


4 Brochure consists of pockets on a transparent fabric.
You can easily roll the system and transport it in a practical and discreet bag.
As with the 4Screen The Profiles on the frame are the same
All our products go together Allowing for additions as needs change.
A cool application for the Expolinc lighting system is easy applied to the brochure stand system 50W
Available in 4 and 8 pocket configurations.
Standard packageThe 4 Brochure is a complete brochure holder that comes in a practical case for storage and transportation. The package includes foot, fabric, supporting rods and case.
4 Brochure - Low weight and neat brochure stand!

Stand-up Counters

Great for use as portable bars, selling counters Compliments to trade show booths -
Info and Universal represent the two sizes available with this solution.
The Universal has a unique regular polygon shape creating a very inviting and usable work surface.

While the InfoCounter provides a more traditional rectangle surface.
The Stand Up counters provide you with a natural meeting point, while giving full exposure to your message.
They can also be combined with our other display systems, thus making your stand or presentation complete.
Gator board or foam core panels are slid into channels
All Panels are already in place in the system when the system is completed.
The Stand Up is easy, portable and has a solid construction.
Holding 140 to 160 lbs.
The interior shelf offers storage space always a benefit when working an event.
Standard package includes a stand, MDF counter top with beech veneer finish, interior shelf and padded nylon carrying bag with shoulder strap.

Universal and InfoCounters
Easy to transport and easy to assemble.

Stand Up - For all kinds of places to meet!

Poster Profiles

Poster profile is a flexible simple system for poster and print hanging.
The solution consists of top and bottom profiles, plastic strip and hanging loops.
Again Expolinc products match
the profiles have the face as the profiles from our other systems.
Discrete wall fastening kits are available as an option.
Very slick product allowing for graphic updates in the field even when the system is up and hanging.
Perfect for retail, interior branding, and informational walls
Available lengths 19, 27, 39 and 79 inches
Poster Profile - Makes your image rise!

Now you know why we proudly only carry the Expolinc Line of hardware Opportunities on Display - -Stand4Brand